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Czech utility CEZ further invests in solar
TIME£º2019-09-11    VIEWNUM£º492    SOURCE£ºpv magazine

Eastern Europe¡¯s largest utility has decided to acquire a minority stake in Zolar ¨C a German provider of digital solutions for rooftop PV ¨C alongside BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2019 

Zolar has developed an online system to make adding rooftop PV simpler.

Image: Chailease

Czech utility CEZ Group, investment firm Inven Capital and BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures will invest €10 million in Zolar, a German start-up offering digital solutions for rooftop PV.

According to CEZ, Zolar has developed an online tool enabling homeowners to carry out the planning and purchasing of PV systems. The online ¡°configurator¡± is said to be able to connect potential customers with PV product distributors and installers. A certified installation technician from a network of partner companies linked to the online platform then carries out installation.

¡°Zolar is planning to focus even greater attention in the future on combinations with other technologies, such as energy management and peer-to-peer energy trading,¡± said Tom¨¢š Pleskač, director of CEZ¡¯s new energy and distribution division.

Founded in 2016, Zolar says it is a one-stop-shop offering components from various manufacturers. The company says homeowners can check part compatibility and combine them according to their requirements into an offer with a fixed price.

The start-up has already been backed by Heartcore Ventures, Statkraft Ventures and Partech Ventures.

The CEZ Group owns and operates around 120 MW of solar power plant capacity in Czechia and a 5 MW solar park in Bulgaria. All its Czech plants were deployed in 2009 and 2010, when a FIT scheme for large scale solar was in place.

The group also operates in Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey.