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Arctech unveils new single-axis tracker
TIME2019-05-14    VIEWNUM76    SOURCEpv magazine

The device, conceived for large scale solar, is said to solve the instability issues associated with the two-modules-in-portrait structure and to have the largest south-north slope seen in the tracker industry.

MAY 13, 2019 

Arctech is making big claims about its latest product.

Image: Arctech

Chinese PV tracker manufacturer Arctech has unveiled the SkySmart-2, a single-axis tracker for utility scale solar projects which is said to solve the instability issues associated with a two-modules-in-portrait set-up consisting of panels mounted in two rows and vertically oriented.

Arctech says the tracker design, with four driving C fixed C points and two-stage worm gears, provides increased stability due to stronger resistance to difficult weather conditions, particularly strong winds.

The Kunshan-based manufacturer said the SkySmart-2s 20% south-north slope C equivalent to 11.3 degrees C is the largest ever seen in the tracker industry.

The structure was described as compatible with 1500 V four-string systems, bifacial panelsand all commercially available PV modules. Arctech added, it also requires require fewer foundations. If 370 Wp modules are installed on a row, only 202 foundations will be used for 1 MW; if 420 Wp modules are installed on a row, only 178 foundations will be used for 1 MW, the company said.

Lower costs claim

Arctech claims installation and operations and maintenance costs for the SkySmart-2 are also lower than rival trackers, as the new model relies on only one motor and controller and all worm gears are connected through a mechanical synchronizing shaft.

The Lora wireless radio frequency technology, with a range of around 8 km and low electricity consumption, is used for plant monitoring. That technology, the company added, can keep the signal stable under various climate conditions.

The new tracker is at the final stage of internal testing and is set to enter the global market shortly, Arctech added.