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The figure released by German industry associations BDEW and ZSW shows that no technology has grown as much as solar PV. Indeed, they say production increased 18% year-on-year. Overall, wind energy remains the largest producer of renewables, with annual growth of 7% over 2017. DECEMBER 13, 2018RALPH DIERMANN Nine solar parks were connected to the grid in Germany in February. Image: Naturstrom AG Renewable energy is on track to comprise
A new analysis by Credit Suisse forecasts that installed residential solar capacity in the United States could grow more than 3x to reach 41 GW by 2025, and shows that there is plenty of space on rooftops to do this. DECEMBER 12, 2018BECKY BEETZ Despite the smooth line of Credit Suisses forecast, in recent years the U.S. residential market has seen significant hiccups. Image: Pixabay When most Americans think of the energy transition,
ByTom Kenning Dec 11, 20187:27 AM GMT MNRE made clear that it wants to give assurance to renewable energy developers and the investor community about its long-term commitment to the clean energy sector. Credit: IBC Solar India plans to tender 30GW of solar in each of the next two years to give developers time to complete projects ahead of the flagship 2022 targets. A Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) Year-end review document charted a
NREL has proposed a new methodology for determining solar module degradation rates, taking into account measurement challenges such as sensor drift, inverter nuances, soiling and others C keeping the focus on the solar modules themselves. DECEMBER 10, 2018JOHN WEAVER Recent research grants have set industry eyes on a 50 year lifetime for glass on glass solar modules, and with some power purchase agreements having a 25 year lifetime, with a 25 year option, that li
A total of 1.58 GW of new PV systems have been registered with Turkeys grid administrator in 2018. Of this new capacity, 1.51 GW is in the unlicensed project segment, for arrays up to 1 MW in capacity, while the remaining 63 MW is for larger projects that had been successful in bidding for PEKA auctions. DECEMBER 7, 2018EMILIANO BELLINI A solar plant built by Wagner Solar close to Gaziantep, southern Turkey. Image: Wagner Solar