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Thailand has a strong domestic solar industry, with companies such as Conergydeveloping a number of projects in the country. Image: Conergy. Thai investment bank Kasikornbank (KBank) has agreed to help finance 10 solar power projects in Japan to be developed by compatriot renewable energy firm Premier Solution. KBank is to provide an international bank guarantee to the developer which w
Google Earth allows users to explore the far reaches of the globe from behind a computer screen with just a few clicks.Now, the same data that powers Google Earth will allow homeowners to explore their own rooftops to determine ifthey"re suitable for solar panels. Googles new online tool called "Project Sunroof launched today in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno the greaterBoston area. It uses high-resolution aerial imagery the same im
The global solar photovoltaic (PV) industry has been struggling for almost two years. Massive over-capacity and slower-than-anticipated market growth caused by changes in European feed-in tariffs led to a collapse in prices and consistently negative margins across the value chain. This in turn led to a number of insolvencies, layoffs and acquisitions, particularly in Europe. However, second quarter 2013 results are showing the first concrete signs of PV industry recovery.
Global PV demand during 2014 is set to represent a new phase of growth for the solar PV industry. Not just because end-market demand is now forecast by NPD Solarbuzz to grow significantly to reach 45-55 GW, but because the fundamental issues driving end-market demand appear to be shifting away from legacy demand constraints. In part, this is being driven by the increased viability of solar PV across a wider range of global markets, compared to previous years. But simply assigning
South Africa is out-pacing Israel the leading solar photovoltaic (PV) market in the Middle East and Africa, according to a new white paper from IHS Inc. (Englewood, Colorado, U.S.). The paper finds that once the 796 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects under construction in South Africa come online in 2013 and 2014, the nation will have the largest PV capacity in region. It also notes that with its plans to install 16 GW of PV by 2032, Saudi Arabia is emerging as an importa