The government is planning to introduce a procurement regime this year which the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis says could drive the price of clean electricity as low as PHP3/kWh. It is thought projects which missed the feed-in tariff scheme deadline will be eligible to compete in the auctions. FEBRUARY 18, 2020EMILIANO BELLINI The proposed system could bring clean power prices below $0.059/kWh. Image: travel oriented/Fli
By Cecilia Keating Feb 17, 2020 3:58 PM GMT Source: Everwhere Dubai solar developer Enerwhere revealed last week a floating solar plant installed on the open ocean near the luxury resort island of Nurai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Despite its small capacity of 80kWp, the pilot project¡¯s sea home has created ripples through the industry, given that floating PV has thus far been largely concentrated on inland water bodies.
Greece has announced plans to install two PV projects at mining sites. The installations are part of the national utility¡¯s new strategy, in line with the country¡¯s efforts to phase out coal. FEBRUARY 14, 2020ILIAS TSAGAS Solar panels in Greece Image: Michael Mahlberg/Flickr Greece has announced plans to install two large solar PV parks at mining sites. The investment will come from the national electric utility as part of
By Jos¨¦ Rojo Mart¨ªn Feb 13, 2020 3:01 PM GMT Image credit: Hoach le Dinh / Unsplash One of Asia¡¯s key solar markets could push capacity to the double-digit-gigawatt region within 10 years if it presses on with a shift from feed-in tariffs (FiT) to auctions, according to the World Bank. Vietnam could take installed PV capacity to the ¡°tens of gigawatts¡± and create some 45,000 jobs every year by 2030 if it uses competitive bidding rather than the
Developer Photosol was selected as project developer through a tender launched by the Ministry of the Armed Forces in August. The solar park is scheduled to be commissioned in 2022 and the ministry, which has committed to making 2,000ha available for PV projects, plans a similar tender in February, and more every six months. FEBRUARY 12, 2020CATHERINE ROLLET The installation will be constructed at Creil air base, near Paris. Image: Direction Ce